Lighthouse Center Bakery & Café

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Community & Charity

Service to humanity, compassion for all of creation, unity in diversity, a natural lifestyle, and meditation on the inner Light and Sound are the basis of Sant Baljit Singh Ji’s teachings, the inspiration for Lighthouse Center Bakery.

Sant Baljit Singh Ji strives to bring peace, harmony, and happiness to humankind and to help relieve suffering. He never asks for compensation of any kind, but is motivated only by his desire to help others. He extends himself tirelessly to those in need, reminding everyone of the importance of realizing their own greatness at the level of soul.

Lighthouse Center Bakery was founded on the principles of service, compassion, unity, peace, and harmony. Our slogan “IN LOVE, SERVE ONE ANOTHER” is our daily inspiration to give our customers the friendliest service and highest quality products possible, as well as play an active part in the community that we live in.

Our community has many great organizations that help those in need, and we’re happy to be able to support them by: 

  • Donating bread, pastries and/or produce to UCAN, Roseburg Rescue Mission, Roseburg Warming Shelter, Casa de Belen, St. Francis Community Kitchen and more.
  • Preparing meals for the children and staff of Casa de Belen, a transitional home for teens.
  • Offering assistance and support to Think Local Umpqua, The Boys and Girls Club, Phoenix School, Umpqua Valley Arts Center, Dept. of Human Services, Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital, Umpqua Community Center and many others.

In 2007, Lighthouse Center Bakery started a small holiday initiative called “Peace Bread.” Every December we donate many loaves of Peace Bread to soup kitchens and people in need. We invite you to order Peace Bread with the idea of sharing it or giving it to someone else, whether it is someone you know or don’t know. For every 3 loaves of peace bread that you order, we will bake an additional loaf for charity.

Lighthouse Center Bakery offers Peace Bread as an act of goodwill in the spirit of caring and sharing during the holiday season. In 2007 we started with 300 Peace Bread loaves. In 2009 we were up to 600 loaves. The number of Peace Bread loaves continued to grow yearly and in 2017 we baked a total of 1,500 loaves. Since then we have consistently baked 1,500 loaves each year. We thank everyone very much for your wonderful support and we look forward to more Peace Bread each year!

Lighthouse Center Bakery & Café staff are grateful to be active supporters and members of our community.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lighthouse Center Oregon (LCO) volunteers are using the facilities at Lighthouse Center Bakery and working with the community in a spirit of caring and sharing to donate bread, soup, food and supplies to people in need during these unprecedented times.