Lighthouse Center Bakery & Café

6461 Fort McKay Road, Umpqua, OR – Call us at (541) 459-1799

Lighthouse Center Bakery was founded on the principles of service, compassion, unity, peace, and harmony. Our slogan “IN LOVE, SERVE ONE ANOTHER” is our daily inspiration to give our customers the friendliest service and highest quality products possible, as well as play an active part in the community that we live in.

Serving our community with love, compassion and care.

Bakery and Café

Opening Hours

Thursday, Friday, Saturday
10am – 3pm


Lighthouse Center Bakery continues to offer the facilities to Lighthouse Center Oregon volunteers to work with the community in a spirit of caring and sharing, to donate bread, soup, food, and supplies to people in need during these unprecedented times.

Please keep checking our website for the latest hours and services and we’ll also keep updating our answering machine with current information.

We look forward to serving you again at Lighthouse Center Bakery with a smile!

Your Lighthouse Center Bakery Team

Lighthouse Center Bakery started baking bread in a simple wood-fired brick oven in the hills overlooking the Umpqua River of southern Oregon.

We’ve been baking bread this old-fashioned way since 1998 and selling our bread and other baked goods at local farmers’ markets since 2006. In 2009, we built our 4th brick oven and opened a bakery & café in Umpqua!

We warmly welcome everyone and thank you for your kind and generous support.



Our bread is baked in a wood-fired brick oven which we built ourselves. We have been baking bread this old-fashioned way for nearly three decades.



6461 Fort McKay Road, Umpqua, OR 97486 or call us: 541 459 1799