Spring Is Here!

Flowers are blooming, and bees are buzzing. The beautiful garden patio (outdoors in the back) is now open for the summer season. Umpqua looks grand this time of year!

Happy Holidays 2017

There’s always so much going on as we get ready to bring another full year to a close. This year for Thanksgiving, we baked over 700 rolls! The days leading up to Thanksgiving, the bakery was humming with that special warmth and energy like only the holiday season brings.

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, spent with good company and good food! We are very thankful to be a part of the Umpqua community and are ever grateful for your continued support! Happy holidays from your friends at Lighthouse Center Bakery.


Over 5 years ago, our bakery sign went up. During the time since then, the sun’s intensity caused some major fading on the sign.  So, it was high time for a touch-up!  Luckily we have some artists on staff. With their help, the oven, sky, sun, and butterfly all got fresh coats of paint and are looking vibrant again. We couldn’t help but notice how perfectly their colors match the beautiful scenery around us. We are always grateful for this gorgeous Umpqua landscape!


Spring has finally sprung in Umpqua, and the bakery’s back garden has come alive! Stop by for a pastry, a cup of tea or a loaf of bread and relax on our back patio and garden!

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IMG_6013 copy(1)



Camas Country Mill donated a large batch of organic whole wheat flour for our Peace Bread.  They are located in Eugene, Oregon and mill all of their flour onsite.  We are lucky to have them nearby, so that we can get such fresh flour — and we are very grateful for their kind support.

Orders for Peace Bread are coming in fast!  We start baking tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone who is helping us with this project.

Joy and Gratitude

Thanksgiving is here again, one of our favorite times of year at the Lighthouse Center Bakery. We feel grateful for so many things, including our neighbors and friends, the familiar faces that come through our door each day, and the local farms that bring us beautiful produce throughout the changing seasons.

We especially feel very grateful for what we can share. Throughout the fall and winter, we are donating apples and pears from our organic orchard to charitable organizations that help those in need, such as the United Community Action Network (UCAN).

Looking out at a rainbow last week from the front windows of the cafe

This is our 10th year to offer the “Peace Bread” program. Peace bread is simple, wholesome bread that we make on order to give to you at cost, so that you can give it to others. You can give it to anyone you like – friend, neighbor, co-worker, someone you meet on the street, etc. The idea is to spread goodwill and cheer all around. For every 5 loaves that you order to give to others, we will donate 1 or more loaves to local shelters and charities feeding those in need. Order forms are now available at the bakery—please order soon!

From our Lighthouse Center Bakery family to yours, we wish you a season full of joy and gratitude.


We’d like to take this time to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there from everyone here at Lighthouse Center Bakery. We hope you all had a great weekend.  Things we’re hopping at the bakery!  To celebrate the occasion, we decided to make strawberry shortcake as a special treat!

shortcake collage


We remodeled and enclosed our front patio.  During cold or rainy weather, we invite you to enjoy this heated, cozy space with its peaceful view of the Umpqua countryside.  We hope you like it! enclosure