From everyone at Lighthouse Center Bakery, we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year and thank you for all of your support.

After a few days of deep cleaning we are up and running again. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!!!


Peace Bread in Full Swing!

peace bread 10

Just a few days of Peace Bread left before Christmas and the response has been great.  This morning we dropped off 100 loaves of peace bread to the Sutherlin Food Pantry.  This bread will go into the food boxes which will be distributed to families in need for the holidays.

There was a lot of activity at the bakery this past week.  A total of 1000 loaves of peace bread went out on order as well as many different opportunities to help out in the community:

1.  Casa de Belen in Roseburg was having a special holiday dinner and asked the bakery if we could donate the dessert.   We baked a variety of holiday cookies and bread and took this over to them.  There was about 70 people there and they we’re very happy and grateful to receive the baked goods.

2.  We had several deliveries this past week, dropping off Peace Bread to local soup kitchens including UCAN, The Roseburg Rescue Mission and St. Francis Community Kitchen in Sutherlin.

3. Donated bread and baked goods to the Roseburg Warming Center which is sponsored by the Douglas County Housing Homeless Coalition.  The Warming Center houses and feeds homeless people on nights when it drops below 40 degrees.

Thanks to everyone who have helped make this happen.

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Peace Bread Story

A nice lady came into the bakery the other day and shared this story with us about Peace Bread. It was so heartwarming that we wanted to share it with everyone. This is written in her own words:

“Finding the true spirit of this season comes in different ways for everyone. Five years ago in December my dear friend of 60 years passed of cancer. Overwhelmed with grief, the meaning of this season seemed out of my grasp. Thankfully, the day I walked into Lighthouse Center Bakery and discovered the ‘Peace Bread’ I also discovered a way to begin my healing. With no plan, I purchased many loaves. I set out with no agenda other than to share the bread. I chose people in thrift stores, on the street, in markets and, as I gave the bread and told of your intent, I began feeling more and more at peace myself.”

From everyone at Lighthouse Center Bakery—have a joyous holiday!

Lots of Opportunities for Sharing

image2(Photo is of frost on some of the flowers in the back garden at the bakery)

Lending a helping hand in the community is one of the foundations of Lighthouse Center Bakery.  With the holiday season underway, this past week provided many opportunities:

* delivered 20 jumbo loaves of sourdough bread to the Roseburg Rescue Mission to help feed the homeless

* donated baguettes for a charity spaghetti dinner to support Toys for Tots

* donated fresh baked goods for a charity dinner to support the Sutherlin Elementary School

* donated the first 40 loaves of peace bread to UCAN for distribution to local families in need

Lots more coming, we’ll keep you posted…


9th Annual Peace Bread Underway!

peace card 2015 v 3 for web blogWinter is here at Lighthouse Center Bakery, and we are ready for the holidays.

Our 9th annual Peace Bread order forms are now available! Peace Bread is offered from December 10th through Christmas Eve. Please place your orders as soon as possible—the sooner the better!

During December of last year, Lighthouse Center Bakery made about 1000  loaves of Peace Bread on order and donated about 300 loaves of bread to local shelters and charities. Although we commit to baking an extra loaf of bread for charity for every 10 loaves we receive on order, we always end up baking as much bread as we can and try exceed that commitment.

Wishing you and your families a bright beginning to the Holiday Season!


Thursday, October 1, 2015 was a tragic day for the Roseburg, Oregon community. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the victims and their loved ones. We are deeply grateful to everyone in the community for pulling together and supporting each other.

The Lighthouse Center Bakery & Café also wanted to contribute, and several opportunities arose.

On Friday, October 2, the day after the tragedy, a health management organization (MedAmerica) phoned us from California. They wanted to order cookies, muffins, and other treats for their colleagues working around the clock at the Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg. We felt moved to donate the treats for this good cause, and they accepted. Our bakers got up extra early on Saturday to make the baked goods. We delivered them to the Mercy Medical Center Emergency Room later that morning, where they were received with much appreciation.

In the past we have taught cooking classes for the Community Education program at Umpqua Community College. So on Monday morning, October 5, we contacted them. Recognizing that their administration must be working long hours in the wake of the tragedy, we wanted to give them some support. We brought them cookies, muffins, and other treats, as well as fresh flowers from our garden, with hopes that it would add some comfort to their long days.

There are many inspirational stories about how people pulled together to support the community in the wake of the tragedy. Lighthouse Center Bakery & Café was able to be a small yet deeply rewarding part of this. We hope to share more with you soon.
mercy 15
mercy 16

New Pergola on Side Patio

We have just finished building a new pergola for our side patio in hopes to make it more shady and comfortable for everyone when they are sitting out there.  We planted grapes (thanks to some of the local vineyards for helping us choose varieties) which we plan to have grow up the wooden beams.  Also, a new maple tree will help shade as well.  The grapes are just babies right now, but we will see how it looks next summer.  Hope you like it!

LCB Pergula _9-17-2015_39