Peace Bread in Full Swing!

peace bread 10

Just a few days of Peace Bread left before Christmas and the response has been great.  This morning we dropped off 100 loaves of peace bread to the Sutherlin Food Pantry.  This bread will go into the food boxes which will be distributed to families in need for the holidays.

There was a lot of activity at the bakery this past week.  A total of 1000 loaves of peace bread went out on order as well as many different opportunities to help out in the community:

1.  Casa de Belen in Roseburg was having a special holiday dinner and asked the bakery if we could donate the dessert.   We baked a variety of holiday cookies and bread and took this over to them.  There was about 70 people there and they we’re very happy and grateful to receive the baked goods.

2.  We had several deliveries this past week, dropping off Peace Bread to local soup kitchens including UCAN, The Roseburg Rescue Mission and St. Francis Community Kitchen in Sutherlin.

3. Donated bread and baked goods to the Roseburg Warming Center which is sponsored by the Douglas County Housing Homeless Coalition.  The Warming Center houses and feeds homeless people on nights when it drops below 40 degrees.

Thanks to everyone who have helped make this happen.

peace bread 11