Peace Bread Story

A nice lady came into the bakery the other day and shared this story with us about Peace Bread. It was so heartwarming that we wanted to share it with everyone. This is written in her own words:

“Finding the true spirit of this season comes in different ways for everyone. Five years ago in December my dear friend of 60 years passed of cancer. Overwhelmed with grief, the meaning of this season seemed out of my grasp. Thankfully, the day I walked into Lighthouse Center Bakery and discovered the ‘Peace Bread’ I also discovered a way to begin my healing. With no plan, I purchased many loaves. I set out with no agenda other than to share the bread. I chose people in thrift stores, on the street, in markets and, as I gave the bread and told of your intent, I began feeling more and more at peace myself.”

From everyone at Lighthouse Center Bakery—have a joyous holiday!