Thursday, October 1, 2015 was a tragic day for the Roseburg, Oregon community. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the victims and their loved ones. We are deeply grateful to everyone in the community for pulling together and supporting each other.

The Lighthouse Center Bakery & Café also wanted to contribute, and several opportunities arose.

On Friday, October 2, the day after the tragedy, a health management organization (MedAmerica) phoned us from California. They wanted to order cookies, muffins, and other treats for their colleagues working around the clock at the Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg. We felt moved to donate the treats for this good cause, and they accepted. Our bakers got up extra early on Saturday to make the baked goods. We delivered them to the Mercy Medical Center Emergency Room later that morning, where they were received with much appreciation.

In the past we have taught cooking classes for the Community Education program at Umpqua Community College. So on Monday morning, October 5, we contacted them. Recognizing that their administration must be working long hours in the wake of the tragedy, we wanted to give them some support. We brought them cookies, muffins, and other treats, as well as fresh flowers from our garden, with hopes that it would add some comfort to their long days.

There are many inspirational stories about how people pulled together to support the community in the wake of the tragedy. Lighthouse Center Bakery & Café was able to be a small yet deeply rewarding part of this. We hope to share more with you soon.
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